REAL SWISS MOVEMENTS are getting very harder to find in China  and the cost keeps going up and up. Today the Real Swiss Movement costs 50% more then it did 1 year ago and the price is still going up as supply gets tighter and tighter. Many replica watch makers have stopped using REAL SWISS MOVEMENTS simply because they can not affort to buy them. What do they use in their Swiss Watch ? GOOD QUESTION !  We will continue making REAL SWISS MOVEMENT WATCHES no matter what the cost is but please keep in mind that we do need to raise our prices a little to help make up for the increase in our cost

A Word About "Swiss Grade Replicas"

There are many so qualities of "Grade 1 Replicas" available on the market today. A highly talked about grade is the popular "Grade 1" more commonly used to grade The Rolex Replicas

GRADE "1"  is simply  a  quality that the site owner uses to grade his watches. To one site owner, Grade 1 may be a good quality watch and to another it is a better qualtiy watch or the best quality they offer.  Truth is, The Grade can be anything the site owner wants to call it.

FORGET THE GRADE - The question is ARE YOU GETTING THE BEST QUALITY FOR YOUR MONEY ?  Look at who you are buying your watch from, are they trusted, can you contact them, do they ONLY TAKE WESTERN UNION ?? or will they take a Credit Card so your protected ? If they are not on the Up and Up, they will not take a CC or Paypal etc.  Are you protected ?


None of the replica watches are Swiss Made.  We had one customer that ordered a Swiss movement watch and took it to a jeweler and they told him it was not Swiss Made.  What the jeweler didn't say was that the watch did indeed have a Swiss Movement in it. Lots of difference between Swiss Made and a watch with a Swiss movemnt. Some site owners tell you their watches are Swiss Made.  Yes, Swiss Made in China ... haha

 I love to see sites say  their Swiss Grade 1 are different because on their gold models its Solid 18k Gold and will not wear. WOW  They can sell real solid 18K Gold watch for $400 - $600.  Amazing !  At the price of Gold, we can buy these for $600 and when we get the watch we can take it apart and sell just the case for Gold Value .. we can make $3,000 a watch just selling the 18K gold.  Duh ??? wonder why they never thought of that??



There are 2 different movements used in most of the Swiss Replicas being sold. One movement is the REAL SWISS Eta Movement and the other is the Chinese version (copy) of the Swiss Eta Movement. 

Generic (COPY) Swiss Version of the Eta Movement

The generic version is actually a Chinese Copy of the Swiss Movement and usually has 21 jewels.. It costs less and it's actually a very good movement. Feels the same, acts the same and operates almost exactly like the Real Swiss Movement. When dealers buy these watches, they are told they are Swiss Movements and therefore they are being sold to others and told they are Swiss Movements and then being sold as Grade 1 Swiss, but the FACT is, they are not REAL SWISS MOVEMENTS. Most of the sellers on the web do not really know or they don't want you to know the movement they have in their watches is generic. We work with wholesalers everyday and most of the wholesalers we deal with do not understand or know the difference. They insist "it's a Swiss Movement" but it's actually not.


QUESTION -  Is the movement good ?  ANSWER -  it's a  good movement for the price. It's smooth, accurate and should last.  We rate it as a GOOD Movement

What it boils down to is this

If you pay for a SWISS MOVEMENT , You should get A REAL SWISS



NO SUCH THING - Many sites  tell you its "Japan Grade"  they are not made in Japan, its simply a WORD TO MAKE YOU THINK ITS BETTER QUALITY - They are still made in China as all the others.   Japan automatic movement in your Rolex ??  NOT A CHANCE !  Its a Chinnse movement !  Same goes with "Italian Made Rolex"  NO WAY, its a Chinese made watch too!

Could it be these sites are just giving you BULL ?  or  Do they not really know ??


REAL SWISS Eta 2836 Movement

We use Real Swiss Eta 2671 in Ladies Size

The Real Swiss Eta is simply one of the best movements on the market today

ETA is the name of the Swatch-owned Swiss company that produces high quality automatic movements for all kinds of watches, including genuine Omega and Tag Heuer watches. The 2834-2 or 2836 movement is part of the ETA Mecaline series of movements, and the 25-jewel movements are able to make 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz). They all have the hacking signal found in real Rolex watches (when you set the time, the second hand stops sweeping) and they all have an extremely durable construction through over 200 years of ETA's solid reputation. As a matter of fact, ETA has recently just produced the 200 millionth movement for Swatch alone. High quality parts, strict testing standards and total control of quality make this The perfect movement for those that want the BEST!

These movements simply  the finest in the world.

You can expect a lifetime of operation from this movement.

The Real Swiss Eta 2386 and Ladies Eta 2671 are automatic self winding / manual wind movement Features a shock resistant Incabloc
Anti-magnetic, ball bearing winding rotor

The 25-jewel movements are able to make 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz).
The same output as the actual Rolex HOURLY output
All operations on the 2386-25 are per genuine Rolex Models


Swiss Valjoux 7750 or Copy 7750

The Real Swiss 7750 is very hard to get and expensive ($700)   All of the Swiss Grade Daytona's and other replicas using a 7750 movement are actually using an Asian Copy of the 7750 movement. This is not bad! The Asian copies are actually a VERY VERY GOOD MOVEMENT however if your  Replica Seller modifies the movement for the seconds to operate at the 6 o'clock position, you may be in trouble.  The 7750 movement was desighed for the seconds to operate at 9, not the 6 subdial postion.  To modify the movement, 11 gears have to be added and the standard 7750 movement was not designed for that stress. Once the movement has been modified, you have a walking TIME BOMB, a movement that will not last long, it will not be smooth and to be honest, it's JUNK. Some people worry about someone looking at their Daytona and thinking its a Fake because the seconds are moving at 9 instead of 6 , How many people do you know that know that?    We can sell you a modified movement, but at Watch Cartel, we don't give you BS about this, we tell you like it is, THE TRUTH 




The Chinese made movement is what is found in most all Rolex Replicas on the market today. Most sites will label their watch "Japan" grade to add value and quality to their watch however the movement is still a Chinese movement.

The Chinese movement is GOOD, keeps accurate time and will last several years with proper care.  The second hand movement is smooth but of course the Swiss Eta is much smoother and more expensive

FACT:  99% of the  Swiss Grade Grade #1 Watches on the market today actually have a Chinese Copy of the real Swiss Movement.  33% of all the Rolex sold on ebay are Replicas

WITH WATCH CARTEL - YOU KNOW EXACTLY WHAT YOUR BUYING - Take it to your Jeweler and have them check it and write us back. We will post your findings.


China is now making movements where the model numbers starts with ETA. Everyday I see buyers buying these thinking they are Swiss Eta Movements.  They go up to the wholesaler and tell them they want watches with ETA Movements.  The Wholesaler pulls out all their Rolex with eta movements and gives them a good price.. They ask, are these genuine eta movements and they are told YES!!   Yes  Chnese ETA MOVEMENTS. They buyer walks away thinking he has Real Eta ... that is why we are lucky being that we are located in China and our office is right in the middle of all the mfg's and wholesalers.  At Watch Cartel, we know what is going on in the Replica World


*BEWARE* *FACT* - SWISS GRADE 1 WATCHES are not made in Switzerland. They are made in China as are 99.9% of ALL OTHER REPLICA WATCHES

MOST SWISS GRADE "1" WATCHES being sold are actually a COPY of the Swiss Eta Movement that is made in China. NOT A REAL Swiss Eta Movement

At Watch Cartel -  You Know Exactly What Your Getting In Your Watch



QUESTION :  Is the second hand sweep the same in both movements?                    ANSWER : The REAL SWISS Eta Movement has a  smoother sweep.

QUESTION :  Is the Real Swiss Movement NEW or Used?                                               ANSWER : Thats a very good question - There are New and OLD Swiss Movements on the market and they are being used. They are take outs from other watches, reconditioned and sold to watch makers at a discount. Many of the replica makers are using the OLD (as they call it) actually they should call it USED. The cost of these movements is much lower. When they buy New Real Swiss Movement's they have to buy 500 at a time. Most watch makers can not afford to do that so they buy used, take outs.

QUESTION :  Do you use OLD or Used Movement?                                                            ANSWER :      None of our Swiss Movements are USED or OLD. We only use BRAND NEW UN-MODIFIED MOVEMENTS.

QUESTION :  How do you rate the quality of your Swiss Watches?                             ANSWER : We always try to improve our watches on an ongoing basis. We can never be satisified with our quality, we always want it to be better. At this point, we feel we have one of the best and most true to original available. If you have a suggestion as to how we can make it better,  please let us know. WE LISTEN ! We RATE OUR WATCHES  "BEST"

QUESTION :  On your gold watches, is the Gold Solid 18k Gold?                               ANSWER : We see this often, replicas being sold as 14 or 18k solid gold case and band. Ha HA  - At the price of GOLD, they could sell their case and band as scrap gold and get more then they are selling their watches for.  They don't need to sell the watches, just sell their parts for scrap gold prices.  Think about it ? Maybe there are some out there with solid gold but be prepared to pay thousands of dollars for it.

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